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Original Poetry

Some original poems by Elicia Faul 



 I am huddled in waiting- Coiled to the core - I will lie in wonder till the day - I will relax knowing providence.  

Warm, allowing, gentle rocking- Random melodies soothing- Then swiftly with the weight of our collective desires- Down, down through the doorway.  

To say hello is to change forever- every cell not the same- wonder confusion fatigue routine- Meeting you baby, child, traveler.  

I have known you a very long time already- How interesting it will be to see you- Coiled in this body too.  


I am 


Wrong Direction

Hurtling Headlong

Wrong, I say

Stop falling

This See-saw sped up to 

a simple dance

The weakness, a joy

The longing, a laugh

Oh words, 

be like a bandaid

I can't see this wound

any longer

I continue 

a little longer

To censor

to sense

To live.  


Be Broken

Be Broken - Be pieces of glass on a sea- Tossing, churning- Coming on a familiar shore- Will there be rest or still more? 

Still more- and I float- back into the heaving and groaning- waves of our longing- I'm at your mercy- Be merciful

Be wretched- Cratered- and still shine- Like the moon reflects the sun- no matter what battered her all these many rounds.  

Be whole- Full of compassion- that blesses the broken- blends it with Bliss- and bleeds it onto the other shore- The shore I couldn't see before I broke. 


There's a Place Between Wrong and Right

There's a place between wrong and right where a bird is perched on the Tree that is Life.  

She sings to remember, as the tree sways, as the leaves rustle. 

Her own little body a forgetting. Her own little song a coming home

Where is my Beloved now? 

I am drunk on the sound of my own voice

Here where there can be no visitors. 

If you see me, you see yourself

If you do not see me, you see only wrong or right.  


The Train

I woke up to the sound of the train

Ten times 100 times 

It called me back

Till 10,000 memories cleared

Butterflies flittering into sky

And in the expanse left behind

No why 

No when 

No who 

No try 

No thing 

except a whistle

of welcome

"I see you are awake" she said

"I see you are a train."  I say


The sound of Love missed 

10 times, 100 times 

and not once more.  


Little Mother 

I am just a little mother 

There is the Great Mother 

Whatever you call her 

However you make virgin

She wallows in the puss and shit


She sees you

swaying drunk

Tiny bird body lying on sidewalk

Death, decay

Killing, starving


I'm just a little mother 

I cry over little things


Great Mother

Great tears into all the holy rivers

Wash us of our stupidity

Feigned purity


Crawling as a corpse into this cave of compassion

Have mercy

wrap me as a womb

Till I'm strong enough to breathe and cry red tears


You don't hesitate to stop life that only lead to death

You take death in your arms like a lover and bring him back to life


Oh great Mother be merciful 

Be like rainfall, sunlight 

Let the seed break through the rot

Rage lift us up from the dark and despair


You holy black night 

Birth a star so bright

We follow 

with one aching heart 

a birthing cry of humanity 

A first breath 

A savior 


No longer hiding 

no longer numb 

no longer lost 

no longer nameless 


I honor you great mother 

Cradled under the full moon 

I am such a little mother in your arms  


Tears Prick

Tears prick the back of my eyes

Little pinpoints of rage

A soft breeze of knowing calm evaporates the chaos

Back to bliss

Back to this inner that has no outer

Back from where

The battle of sane versus insane

The dance of duality


I could use my power to bend you

But you would bow to me as your savior or temptress

Or curl into a mess at the loss of your comfort

And this is all me

This is all my dream

That is your dream


I can do this

It is not forever

I have seen forever

It has scarred the back of my eyes and I can never see you the same again



(c) 2023 Elicia Faul